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1st Birthday | Carnival Theme!

Birthdays, especially children’s birthdays, are one of the most significant celebration days. The first birthday is such an important milestone in your baby’s life and yours too. You’re not only celebrating your child turning one, but your also celebrating the first year of you becoming a parent! There are so many options and themes that you can choose from when planning your child’s 1st birthday. It is important to choose a theme that people of all ages will enjoy, even though your little guest of honor might not remember it, everyone else will and of course taking lots of pictures helps!
At 9 months old my son started walking and by the time he was 12 months he was running so it was important for me to pick a theme that he could enjoy as well.  Carnivals can appeal to all ages….everyone loves a carnival. I had all the favorite carnival foods, hot dogs, sliders, soft pretzels, popcorn, cotton candy, brownie pops, ice cream, and a candy bar. Adults and kids enjoyed the caricaturist, clown and party games. For the décor, I used the classic red and white stripped linens and also made bunting that draped around the whole room. For favors, each child received an individual spin art craft to enjoy at home. I love the carnival theme because it is so colorful. Everything from the balloons, favors and cake were festivity decorated and the party was a huge success.
Xo Nikki

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