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40th Birthday Party | Moroccan Theme

A Moroccan theme party is full of beautiful and exotic touches. This unique theme will transform your party into anything by typical. A few weeks ago, I designed a 40th Birthday Party with all Moroccan elements for a night of dancing, smoking hookah, and lounging. For décor, I used bold colors such as purples, bright pinks + oranges with gold accents to set the Moroccan tone. Dark lanterns as centerpieces and red votives added to the Moroccan feel….simple but elegant. The highlight of the space was the hookah lounge. I set up a lounge with couches, pillows and hookahs at each table in the middle. Hookahs are huge in the Moroccan culture. It gave guests something to do between eating and dancing. A lounge was set up outside with outdoor heaters. For additional entertainment, we had a belly dancer surprise the guest of honor with a dance performance. She was great at getting everyone up and dancing. To end the night off, we passed Moroccan style cake pops while everyone danced, drank and partied the night away.
XO Nikki




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