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Peppa Pig Birthday Party!

My baby turned 2!  2nd birthdays are fun to plan because you child is at the age where they can interact more at the party so you want to pick a theme that is fun for everyone. My daughter loves Peppa Pig, so it was a no brainer what the theme of her 2nd birthday would be. Peppa is a adorable pig that lives with her brother George, her Mum and her Dad. Her favorite things to do are playing games, dressing up and jumping in mud puddles. There are so many elements from the show that you can incorporate in the décor. I decorated the tables with pink + white striped tablecloths and I used rain boots with tutu wands for the centerpieces. Pink + white patterned bunting was draped around the house that added a great touch and backdrop for photos. Another great décor idea was using green outdoor carpets that looked like grass for the display tables. On the tables I had the Peppa themed cake, personalized water bottles, and “mud-pie” desserts.  Life-size versions of Peppa, George, Mum, and Dad from the show were on display for all the kids to take pictures with as well.  For activities, each kid was given a white umbrella to decorate however they wanted. A petting zoo was set up outside with ducks, goats, sheep, guinea pigs, and bunnies. The highlight of the party was Dallas the white pony who gave all the kids a ride around the yard! It was an awesome party!
XO Nikki

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